1LED Lighting

LED Lighting is the most efficient way to light any space. LED Lights use one tenth as much power as a traditional Incandescent bulb and have an average lifespan six times that of a Compact Fluorescent bulb.

We specialise in LED Lighting and can provide advice in light placement, installation guides and switch placement to ensure that you get the best and most efficient lighting effect possible.

2Light and Power

Commercial necessity can often require an electrical solution to be complex and innovative. Experience has taught us many lessons in the provision of commercial scale solutions. We have seen and been involved in every form of Commercial Light and Power solution and can provide confident assessment and service provision for any scale installation.


3Office Fit Outs

The layout of office power solutions is an incredibly important issue. We can provide effective, streamlined and discrete solutions for any style of office plan.

4Mechanical Electrical Services

We are experts at mechanical electrical services, including service, installation and maintenance of chillers, pumps, cooling towers and building management systems.