1LED Lighting

LED Lighting is the most efficient way to light any space. LED Lights use one tenth as much power as a traditional Incandescent bulb and have an average lifespan six times that of a Compact Fluorescent bulb.

We specialise in LED Lighting and can provide advice in light placement, installation guides and switch placement to ensure that you get the best and most efficient lighting effect possible.

2Power Installation

We have worked with building companies for the last 20 years. We are well equipped to provide residential power installation on any scale or level of complexity.

3Exhaust Fans

While all new houses have exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchen areas, many older homes do not. Post-build installation of these services can provide a complex problem for a home owner. We have provided installation services for Exhaust and Air Conditioning systems for the last 20 years. No matter your exhaust situation we can provide you with a solution.